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Yarra Valley – Sniff, Swirl & Sip

Ciders, Ales, Wines & Spirits

Quick Details

Clock  When: Monday, Friday & Sunday

Location  Where: We depart from 12 Russell St one block from Flinders Street station and 2 doors up from the Duke Of Wellington. Note: We can pick up in the Yarra Valley on request.

Checkmark  Start: Pick up: 10 am, but we will contact you after you have have booked to confirm your pick up time.

Check Bubble  End: Drop off: Approx 6 pm. 12 Russell St one block from Flinders Street station and 2 doors up from the Duke Of Wellington

Adult (18+)


Only an hour from Melbourne, in the stunning Yarra Valley, a tasting extravaganza awaits! Sniff, swirl, sip and skol an incredible range of ales and lagers along with dry & sweet ciders, blueberry wines, ports, sparkling and artisan spirits from vodka and gin, through to limoncello, whisky and moonshine in a range of venues as diverse as the products they create. This is a brewery tour that likes to get loose and raid the Valley’s liquor cabinet! (we are helped that a lot of the makers in the Valley are brewers and cider makers or wine makers who also make beer and spirits).

A famous Czech proverb states, “you can tell the quality of a drink with just one sip, but it is better to be thoroughly sure”, which is why we drink everything we see. Single-batch beers, specialities we find in the back fridge and collaborations are included as is all your food, nibbles and extra drinks.
Group sizes are small, between 8 and 13 people. Bucks parties, hens and bigger groups don’t come on our public tours, as we put them on their own private tour.
This is about us having as much fun as we can. with people from all over the world as we laugh, eat and drink our way through the day.

Our tours start off a 3 stop tour, with some becoming 4 stops as we go. This isn’t an old-school, splash and dash, winery tour, it is civilised and a bit top-shelf so we like to take our time and get into some mischief. A round of cocktails after lunch or a trip out the back to drink out of some barrels is more important than squeezing in an extra stop 20 minutes before they close for the day!


What is included?

  • Everything.
  • Visit 3-4 makers in the Yarra Valley with a focus on breweries but with lots of cider, spirits and wine as well!
  • Public tours run with groups between 8-13 guests.
  • Hearty, tasty main meal from Coldstream Brewpub or Matilda Bay Brewery.
  • Nibbles and cheese boards provided at other stops.
  • Very generous tastings and complimentary drinks are all included.
  • There is always lots of cider, wine, spirits, etc. for those that don’t drink beer.
  • Professional tour guide.
  • We provide sunscreen and water on every tour.
  • We use only accredited, air-conditioned vehicles.
  • Private tour options available for groups between 2 and 100+ people.

What isn’t included?

  • Merchandise can be purchased on tour. If you are keen to top-up your home bar, bring some cash as you will drink some fantastic booze along the way.

What do I need to bring?

  • An extraordinary, devil-may-care attitude!
  • Your dancing shoes and your singing voice.
  • We request that all participants bring a face mask.
  • We provide hand-sanitiser.
  • We provide bottled water, however it’s also cool to bring your own drink bottle.

This tour is operated by our great mates Aussie Brewery Tours. We only partner with the BEST Tour Operators in our favourite places to ensure you have the best local beer adventure in the Yarra Valley.


SOMETIMES THINGS CHANGE – Because our beer tours of Melbourne are truly behind the scenes experiences sometimes our plans need to change to accommodate brewery operations. And sometimes we just know about beer goings on around town that are worth checking out, so we may change some parts of our tours. Whilst these changes are rare, we do reserve the right to make them. If you do have a MUST-SEE beer spot, please let us know when making your booking and we’ll do all we can to make it happen.