About Us

We are a team of local beer fans committed to supporting our local breweries and communities.

Our philosophy is simple – collaboration. We love bringing people together to become a part of the ever evolving beer community, giving them the opportunity to taste and experience the craftsmanship of our local producers.

Whether that is on on a behind the scenes brewery tour, a walk back in time through our pub culture on a pub walk, a bespoke beer experience at a corporate event, or a casual introduction into beer at one of our dinners – everything we do is about connecting more people to local beer.






In doing so, we are supporting the passions and dreams of those who are bringing to market some of the finest products available, and making visitors aware of the toil and strife that goes into producing great local beer.

To us, it’s more than the art and science of brewing. It’s the stories, the legends, the scars of effort and devotion to doing something different. It’s about connecting people who are passionate about what they consume with those who are equally as passionate about what they produce.


Owner & Tour Dude – We’ve talked enough about Dave, the important thing to know about him is that he’s got you covered for all your local beer discovery needs and he is a fan of all beer styles, even the funky ones!


Op’s Manager & Beer Brain – Ever met a dude so into beer he will share his with you just so you can appreciate it as much as he is? Well Jamie is that guy and we’re stoked that he’s with us and bringing his enthusiasm for beer and brewing to help more people learn all about local beer. When not guiding, he’s sorting everything needed to keep DBT going and brewing with some of Sydney’s finest.


Guide & Brewer – Want to know the science behind brewing beer, then Tom is your man! A brewer in his own right, Tom brings his experience from his day job as a brewer to ensure the facts are on the table and our guests get the low down on all things beer. A lover of all styles, but changeable with the seasons, you’ll most often find Tom sipping on a beer matched to the weather.


Guide – An all round craft beer lover Liam fell in love with beer while working in a brewery bar in London. Since returning to Sydney Liam has managed and worked at a heap of craft beer bars, bottleshops, brewery tasting rooms and hosted beer events all over Sydney. A lover of hops and sours Liam is a fan of all beer styles