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“Dave’s is all about showing you local as we love it all; food, drinks, history, and culture. Come explore with us on tour!”

Our philosophy is simple – collaboration. We love bringing people together to taste and experience the craftsmanship of our local producers.

Whether that is on a behind the scenes brewery tour, a walk back in time through our pub culture on a pub walk, or a corporate event – everything we do is about connecting more people to local communities.

In doing so, we are supporting the passions and dreams of those who are bringing to market some of the finest products available and making visitors aware of the toil and strife that goes into producing great drinks and food.

To us, it’s more than the art and science. It’s the stories, the legends, the scars of effort and devotion to doing something different. It’s about connecting people who are passionate about what they produce with those who are equally as passionate about what they consume.

DAVE Owner & Original Dave

We’ve talked enough about Dave, the important thing to know about him is that he’s got you covered for all your local beer discovery needs and he is a fan of all beer styles, even the funky ones!

Dave spends most of his time in the US these days looking after other drinks tourism and beer businesses there.

GARY Co-Owner & Tourism Legend

Ever met a dude so into beer, history, culture and travel he will share his beer with you just so you can have a yarn and hear all about your travel adventures? Well Gaz is that guy and we’re stoked that he’s with us, bringing his enthusiasm for beer and travel to help more people learn all about our local drinks, history and cultural scenes.

When not guiding, he’s being a Super Dad!

GREGG Co-Owner, General Manager & Tour Dave

Gregg started our Pub Tours business and is that guy you meet in the pub – he tells tales, spins yarns, and everything he says seems true….especially after he’s just bought you a beer!

Gregg brings his enthusiasm for history, beer and bad jokes to help more people enjoy and learn all about not only local pub history, but also all the great brewers, winemakers and distillers who fill them with great drink.

When not in the office or guiding, he’s most likely still at a pub, either watching footy, having a beer or both.

SHANE Co-Owner & Accounts Dave

Shane is our man on the ground in the Nation’s Capitol and a fan of Canberra’s rapidly growing craft beer scene. An accountant by trade and a local craft beer lover by choice, Shane loves nothing more than helping beer lovers explore and experience Canberra’s best local venues.

A fan of all beer styles and passionate about finding the right beer for you.

CAT Operations & Charters Dave

Cat looks after our Dave’s Charters and also dabbles in Operations as well. She does it so well, that she can do it from Hobart!

In the 2 and a bit years working for Dave’s, she has dealt with bushfires and a couple of lockdowns so if there is someone who knows how to make sure you get on a tour, its Cat.

When not dealing with 2 kids under 2 and the terrible jokes of all the Dave’s, you can find her kicking back with her favourite beer Rodenbach’s Alexander or the funkiest sour she can find.

TERRY Tour Dave

Terry has been with Dave’s Travel Group for over three years. He Loves beer and loves to share his knowledge about beer styles and process.

He also tells terrible dad jokes.

He has one great (debatable) trait – he is a Souths Sydney Rabbitohs supporter ! 


Col has been a Dave for over 2 years and regularly guides in Sydney, the Hunter Valley, Canberra and you may catch him in Newcastle or the Blue Mountains occassionally too.

Col joined Dave’s after jumping on a brewery tour with his sons a few years back and thought being a guide is better than a real job!


You will find Chrissy either in the Dave’s office teeing up venues, guides and guests for smooth running tours or leading the occassional Hunter Valley wine tour.

She is the go to Dave for advice on cocktails, cool bars and Western Sydney. As a former travel agent, Chrissy loves to organise and is a wealth of knowledge on any destination in the world, especially if it has a beach and cocktails.

When she isn’t dominating the inbox or tweaking itineraries for us, you will find her dining in Sydney’s newest restaurants, instagramming the bar she just visited or hanging out and repping the West at Penrith Leagues.


Brewer, tailor and mischief maker, the Mattman is always in a million things at once, but always has time for guiding some punters in some beer exploration on a brewery tour.

When he is not on tour or slinging ciders for the good folks at Batlow, he is brewing something delicious….or deliciously explosive! It only really happened once but his brews are marked ‘handle with care’ when they go into the office beer fridge.


Sam has been a professional guide for over 5 years. In his time with Dave’s, he has guided tours in a big bus as far away as the Blue Mountains, Port Stephens, Jervis Bay and Canberra.

His wine knowledge is first class, but he is always upping the level of his inner beer nerd and you may even find him guiding a walking brewery tour in Marrickville these days. He is super knowledgable about the Hunter and is a favourite of the wineries up there as they love a moustache!


Crystal has been in the travel industry for over 10 years and has been a tour guide at Dave’s since 2021.

When she’s not guiding Hunter Valley wine trips for Dave’s, you can catch this full-time adventurer and passionate baby goat cuddler, writing on her travel blog, relaxing on a beach, or making new friends in random bars.

She loves literally all kinds of drinks – so long as it has an alcoholic content. While on tour, she will make sure you are well looked after and have the best time ever.


We’re using the Ken Behrens (Canberra joke) image from Capital Brewery until Ingrid sends us an image.

Ingrid is one of our Canberra Daves, but she’s not a native, so her love of roundabouts and green milk is about the same as the rest of the nation’s.

Her love of great wine and a great time makes her a perfect fit for the Canberra Vin & Gin, but you may also find her on the Triple Treat showing off the Capital’s best beer, wine and spirits.


The perennial Rookie Of The Year of Dave’s guides, Todd loves good food, great drink and horrible bucket hats.

Todd is a regular Dave on our Hunter Valley tours, but you may also catch him in Newcastle, Canberra and even in the wilds of Sydney on brewery, walking and food tours.

As an avid traveller and having spent quite a few years overseas, Todd’s Italian is ‘de premier ordre’ if you are Spanish, so try him out on tour.

LEONE Co-Owner & Events Mastermind

Leone is an absolute star at putting together and running events. Always super cool and with a wise word for the team, there’s not much that phases Leone.

Loving the odd beer, an occasional wine and maybe a cocktail or 2 she’s all over what’s happening in our local scene and unleashes her imagination and ingenuity to pull off some truly amazing activations and events.


In between acting jobs, Adam acts like a tour guide for Dave’s.

He has a history degree, so he is perfectly suited to telling tall tales in the pubs of The Rocks, but you will also find him talking beer on a Sydney brewery tour as well.

Adam loves a beer, but he has so much range he can even pull off holding an unopened ‘stunt beer’ for a photo as well.


James and his beard have been with Dave’s for a few years now in between being an extra in Ned Kelly movies (or a beer sales rep for Bridge Road Brewing….same thing)

He loves beers in all its forms, regualrly homebrewing and helping others brew too.

You can catch James guiding brewery tours in Sydney and a cheeky Hunter wine, gin, cheese and chocolate if a beard is required.