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Why the Dave’s Team is excited for GABS!


Team Dave’s is heading to GABS! One of Australia’s greatest beer festivals, GABS offers a full spectrum of food, entertainment and of course the unique beers!

Here at Dave’s GABS is like our Christmas and we can barley contain our excitement! Below, the team talks about what they are most looking forward to at GABS.

Adi – Guide- First time to GABS –  Can’t wait!!  The energy and vibe – I can feel the excitement brewing already. As a Brewster, I’m also keen to network with some top brewers whilst holding their freshly brewed GABS beer in hand. Also I am super keen to lead a few brewery tours at the event, talk about beer, and say cheers to people who are just as in love with beer as I am – what could be more fun?!

The West City Brewery Westie White Stout (I’m intrigued by the whiteness when it’s also got coffee, chocolate and smoke in it) and the Maccashins Peanut Butter and Jelly Porter (because I am American and love all things PB&J)!

Jamie – Guide – This will only be my second time attending a GABS festival. I won tickets to the Melbourne GABS last year and as an early voyager in the craft beer world, it blew my mind. I’m really looking forward to attending Melbourne again this year and even more excited for my first Sydney GABS.

What I’m most excited about this year is to be getting back to Melbourne to catch up with the many people that got me so passionate about this industry. In Sydney, I’m very keen to be able to have a beer with the people that I’m now working closely with to making my dreams of becoming a brewer become a reality one day. I’m also looking forward to the experience of working behind the scenes and taking punters throughout the spectapular that is GABS.

The 3 beers that I’m super thirsty to try are La Siréne Brewing’s-Espresso Sour, Sailors Grave-Milky Way and Pact Beer Co-Who Poured the Porter in the Cookie Jar?  I love the beers that these breweries produce so I’m sure they’ll be an amazing contribution to the many beers on the GABS line-up.


Shannon K – Bookings Dude/ Guide – This will be my second visit to GABS but my first to Melbourne.

I’m really looking forward to getting back into that GABS atmosphere, the side shows, the food and of course the beer! It’s an all-encompassing experience.

The beers I’m looking forward to trying are Mismatch Brewing Co. Hazed and Confused, because I really like puns. Morrison Brewery Green curry & Rice Saison, an ‘out there’ sounding beer that holds a lot of promise, the spice from the green curry always goes well with a Saison.  Lastly, donuts are my thing, so Brothers Beer donut stout is my jam (see the pun thing?)


Liam – ‘Mr Craft Beer 2016’ – This will be my 5th year attending Gabs. Most years as a punter but have worked the last few years. All but one of those years I have attended Gabs in Melbourne and for both years it has been in Sydney.

My favorite thing about Gabs is seeing the entire beer community in one room. From all the brewers, brewery staff and hardcore beer nuts all in one place having a great time. It’s also great to see what new beers are released as many beers I discovered at Gabs have become some of my fav beers, Gunnamatta by Yeastie Boys and Feral’s Watermelon Warhead are two examples of beers I tried at Gabs for the first time and now have to grab every time I see them.

The beers I am keen to try are Yeastie Boys ROYAL TANNINBOMB because it just makes me think of Gunnamatta which was a beer that just changed my perception on what beer is. It also seems to be the year of the Juicy IPA style so I am keen to see how many of them hold up to the hype.


Dave Philips/ Dave – Owner – This will be my 4th time to GABS and only our second without a stand.  Having our massive collab stands are awesome fun and a fantastic way to experience GABS, but having to back it up in both Melbourne and Sydney along with Tours and other stuff is a heap of hard work and we decided this year to take a break from running a stand and spend more time tasting beers.

I love the atmosphere at GABS and the chance to meet up with beer mates and share a few beers.  I love meeting people who have been on our tours or are planning on getting on a tour and helping them navigate their way through the awesomeness of GABS.  The experimentation and efforts that each brewery puts into their festival beers and their stands are huge, so seeing them push further and greater is always a fun part of being there.

Where do you begin?  Really where do you begin?  It would be easier for me to list the beers I may not get to try rather than the other way round..  But the top 3 beers I will be making a beeline to try are Joe Carb from Bentspoke, Akasha’s Lupulin Fog and After Dinner Mint from Van Dieman.  I reckon I will be able to find something I like in all 3 and knowing the brewers behind the creations, I’m pretty sure I won’t be disappointed.

What are you looking forward at GABS?

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