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What we’re drinking in the Hunter Valley



With our recent expansion into the Hunter Valley, we’ve been busy sampling everything beer wise the area has to offer. Here are our top picks so far!

  • Hunter Beer Co Klosch – A refreshing German style golden ale,We know it’s getting colder and this style works best in summer, but Hunter Beer Co’s Klosch is a fantastic representation of the style. Pale gold color with a light honey-biscuit malt character, subtle passion fruit and pineapple flavors are delicately balanced with a light bitterness and drying finish.
  • Lovedale Lager – Lovdale lager combines three types of German hops, to create a smooth citrus aroma that is complimented by a light toasty malt backbone. While popular the world over, the lager style has taken a backseat to the ale in craft beer circles.  The Lovedale Lager is a fantastic showcase of this style and a great way to get reacquainted with lager beers.

  • Hope Estate XPA – The XPA style has exploded onto the Australian beer scene. Hope Estates XPA is bold aromatics of tropical fruit, citrus, toffee and malt flavour and aromas are dominant and rounded off with solid bitterness that is typical to the style.
  • Ironbarke Hill Brewhouse – Schwarzbier – as black as a stout but with clean, refreshing and light body, with hints chocolate and caramel. This combination results in a beer full of character, with a smooth finish.

  • Hope Brewhouse  IPA – American IPA’s are all the rage at the moment in the Australian beer scene and Hope Estate has thrown their hat into the IPA ring. This brew has all the hallmarks of a classic American IPA. Medium body  with a hoppy bitterness,  balanced by a relatively high alcohol content and a powerful citrus aroma.  


  • Hunter Beer co slacked Magpie – A dark beer for people who don’t drink dark beers. Imagine a beer with coffee or chocolate flavor, a beer with a touch of sweetness, a beer with a hint of vanilla -that’s the Magpie! The head brewer, Keith, says “It’s a perfect beer to pair with chocolate cake and vanilla bean ice cream. It’s a dessert beer.

  • Lovedale Red Rye IPA – Rye is less common in beers than either barley or wheat, as it can be difficult to mash. However, when used successfully in beer it adds subtle spicy notes. The Pyrmont IPA is crafted with 5 varieties of U.S hops and has a bitter spiciness of pine and savoury malt are all present in this complex IPA.A beautifully complex showcase of the style.
  • Ironbarke Hill Brewhouse Summer Ale –  Summer ales are all the rage in Australia ( go figure huh?) at present. Their light alcohol content, coupled with desirable citrus, tropical notes, make the style a hit around the country.   A delicious and light session beer. This beer is packed with flavour and has a wonderful hoppy finish.

You can visit the breweries with us on tour and try all these plus plenty more awesome beers!

Check the out here: Hop Hunter Brewery Tours