Axes & Ales - Dave's

Axes & Ales


Fridays and Saturdays at 9.30


We meet at the Keg & Brew Hotel, 26 Foveaux Street, Sydney (a short walk from Central Station).


Pick up: 9:30am. If you are running late, give us a call but please, please, please be on time. Your Guide will love you for it!


Drop off: approximately 3:30pm at the Royal Albert Hotel, Surry Hills.

$170 per person

For a full day of local beer discovery, including lunch.


Experience the thrill of Sydney’s newest and most exciting sport – Urban Axe throwing!  The Maniax pros will teach you the skill of axe throwing, followed by a competition to crown the champion. The prize? Bragging rights for the rest of the day!

After defeating the rest of the competition, we take into some of the great Sydney Craft Breweries to check out the behind the scenes of these places.

We talk about the ingredients of beer, the brewing process and take you through a tasting at each of the venues.

This tour also includes lunch, and beers with your meal.

On this tour you will visit 2 breweries and have an awesome lunch at a cool pub. Which breweries we visit on the day does change – not all places are open every day and is all about timing and providing a good mix of places, people and beers.

Number of guests per tour – This tour accommodates a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 guests (get in touch for information on larger group sizes). Your order will be confirmed once we have filled 6 seats on the tour.

Where you will go

Located in Precinct 75, in the heart of the Inner West; Maniax offers you the chance to let out your inner viking, and unleash some axes! A place for you to … ‘Bury the Hatchet’ with your mates.

Started in 2012, Willie the Boatman beers are brewed on ex-dairy equiptment, repurposed for brewing the delicious amber liquid known as beer! Pat, Nick, Joel and the gang at Willie’s do a fantastic job of creating beers with plenty of character (read; flavour)!

Led by fifth and sixth generation convict descendants, the guys behind The Rocks have thrown their all into setting up one of the most advanced breweries in town. Explore the brewhouse and get up close to their brewing equipment as you sample beers straight from the tank.


*SOMETIMES THINGS CHANGE – Because our tours are truly behind the scenes experiences sometimes our plans need to change to accommodate brewery operations. And sometimes we just know about beer goings on around town that are worth checking out, so we may change some parts of our tours. Whilst these changes are rare, we do reserve the right to make them. If you do have a MUST SEE beer spot, please let us know when making your booking and we’ll do all we can to make it happen.


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