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Dad & Daves Brewery



Founded on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 2011, Dad & Dave’s Brewing is an independently owned and operated family business (Dad, Dave, Mum, Jess, Scott and James).

Dave got his start making beer when he was an apprentice Chef at a top seafood restaurant in Manly, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Money was tight and his dad John convinced him home brewing was a way to get beer cheaper. John (the Dad) is a professor of accounting with a passion for beer. Dave found his chef training helped him to focus on flavour and balance in his beers and he too quickly developed a passion for brewing.

During his second year as an apprentice, Dave was forced to take some holidays and decided to use the time to undertake a short course on Malting & Brewing. Both he and Dad attended, with both graduating on the 12/12/2012. After graduating they decided to give commercial brewing a crack.

The first brewery was located in the kitchen of their duplex and was mostly focused on small batch keg sales to local restaurants.

They then graduated to the garage and then on to a small warehouse, which they quickly out grew. They have been at their current location since 2015.

The very first official commercial batch was brewed at the Australian Independent brewery, where they committed to making 600 cases of their now famous #1 Pale Ale.


Being a chef Dave was able to utilise his pre-existing relationships with bars and restaurants in the Manly area. This helped get Dad & Daves’ beer onto the market. This was popular with both customers and suppliers, with Dave working closely with the bottle shops to help move floor stacks. This allowed them to ship over 300,00 cases in 2016.

Dad & Daves is open to the public on both Fridays and Saturdays. You can find their range of beers in bottle shops in the Manly area, as well as wider Sydney.

Dave’s Brewery Tours Visit Dad & Daves on our Northern Exposure Tour, so why not hop on board and come drink the beer at it’s source!