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Newie Pub Walks


A walking tour in Newcastle. People told us we were mad.  What’s the point, Newcastle isn’t that big they asked?

We agree, Newcastle isn’t that big and with a bit of online effort TripAdvisor and Google Maps can guide you to some of the best spots in the city, but how well do you really discover or know a place unless you spend some time with a local?  Locals like us, we grew up here and have made it our business to know Newcastle. And we love to help others explore Australia’s second oldest city and have a few beers.

That’s the great part about our One for The Road Pub Walk – it’s all about history, beer and food. We dig into the Newcastle’s convict settlement past, how the city came to be, the history of our pubs and how beer played its part and how the city is moving forward from its industrial past.

But it’s not all about history, it wouldn’t be a Dave’s Tour without a focus on beer!  No doubt you have drank a beer or two before, but how well do you know that beer?  Do you know the different style of beer, how it’s made or whether the beer is good or bad?  On tour we’ll give you a good insight into beer and the rise of craft beer, and of course a fair serving of the world’s favourite drink.  You’ll come away with not just a great understanding of beer, but how beer helped and hindered Newcastle.

It’s not just craft beer that is pumping in Newcastle, our food scene is alive and growing and we love to show it off alongside our beers.  We’ve been fortunate to eat our way through all of Australia’s capital cities and in Newcastle we have it pretty good.  We’ve taken the time to work with our venues and create custom Tour menus pairing beer and food.  It’ s a great way to showcase how beer and food work together to enhance, contrast or cleanse.


So, with a good dose of history, beer and food, come with us, take a walk through Newcastle –  from then to now, discover and taste how our city has grown.  Anyone can go sit in a pub, we bring them to life.

Come have a beer with us and experience Newcastle in a new light.