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A beer style so popular it has its very own day, the IPA has grown from strength to strength in recent times, with its popularity in Australia being no exception.

Although local beer drinkers have traditionally preferred lighter lagers, perfect for our Aussie climate, IPA’s are making their mark on our beer scene.

Nowadays it’s common to see one or more IPA’s on tap lists around the country and most breweries keeping at least one in their core range.

The style has grown so popular thanks to what we call the “Lupulin Shift” – A beer drinkers tolerance for hop bitterness and flavour growing over time, we now see some Breweries open with double IPA’s as part of their core range and at least one Australian brewer only brewing IPA’s.


From traditional English, Red, Black, Double, West Coast, East Cost, Sour and everything else in between the Indian Pale Ale is certainly one beer style that is having a heavy impact on beer globally.  So, it’s on IPA Day that us at Dave’s raise a glass to the style, its history and to all hopheads out there.


Team Dave’s