The Coolship

A type of fermentation vessel used in the production of beer. The large surface area lends itself to spontaneous fermentation (whereby yeasts and bacteria present in the atmosphere, and often in the fabric of the brewery, ferment the wort to create a rich assortment of interesting and challenging flavours). 

A shared workspace created specifically for people working in the beer and drinks industry.

Working in Beer or Drinks industry and looking for a co-work space?

Sick of your spare bedroom or dining table, buying coffees you don’t need to take a seat at a cafe or worried that the cool co-work space down the street is not for you because you’re not building an app or launching the next biggest thing in tech start-up?

Your search is over! Dave’s has moved into larger digs and we took more space than we need with the aim of creating a co-work space for beer and drinks peeps…

Located in Marrickville and of course within easy reach to a brewery, cafes and of course Marrickville Pork Roll!  We’re where you need to work from. We have beer educators, beer journo’s, tour operators, reps, a beer event agency and Sydney Beer Week all working out of here and we’re keen to have more good people doing great things from here.

So if having a work space is what you need, and working amongst and around others from your industry is what you want, we have the perfect space for you..

Desk spaces start at $100 ex GST per week and includes all utilities and internet

All we need is some details about who you are, what you do and what you need (via the form below) and we will be in touch with a few more details for you to move on in and come have some fun at work with us…


Coolship Application

  • Please include your ABN (if applicable)
  • Please give us some insight into what you do and what work you will be conducting at the Coolship.
  • Please enter a value between 1 and 10.
  • If you have a date in mind for when you want to come join the Coolship workspace let us know. If not, let us know when you're looking to come join us
  • Our minimum term is 1 month, and we do hope you will stay longer than that. Please give us an idea of your planned length of stay with us so we can help plan for you.
  • Tell us the awesome stuff and things you do and would bring to us all working at the Coolship that you reckon are worth telling us about.