Beers for Melbourne Cup

Spring has sprung and that means racing carnival fever has hit Australia.  The tracks are being prepped, dresses designed, suits pressed and fascinators make their mark in the annual fashion stakes.  Spring Racing is an amazing spectacle, and undoubtedly Melbourne Cup is the King of the scene with its rich history.  In so many ways it…

Meet the Fleet: Vin


  Meet Vin! Chances are if you have booked a tour with us, you have ridden in one of our buses.  Here at Dave’s Brewery Tours our fleet is an integral part of our team, the unsung heroes doing the hard work, taking our beer explorers from one awesome brewery to the next.

We’ve got Father’s Day covered… In Beer of course!


Let’s face it, Dad will generally be pretty happy with whatever you get him (it’s the thought that counts right?)  But Fathers day is the one time of the year you get to show Dad just how much he means to you and to make sure you become his gift giving legend, so why not…

What we’re drinking in the Hunter Valley


  With our recent expansion into the Hunter Valley, we’ve been busy sampling everything beer wise the area has to offer. Here are our top picks so far! Hunter Beer Co Klosch – A refreshing German style golden ale,We know it’s getting colder and this style works best in summer, but Hunter Beer Co’s Klosch…

Australian Sour Beers That You Can Try


Once a style of beers only consumed by the most elite beer nerd, shared with reverence in private bottle shares and hidden in the back of particular bottle-shops “in the know”. Sour beers have seen a big resurgence internationally and are gaining in popularity throughout Australia. We talked in our last post about how sour…

Sour Beers – A Gateway To Better Beer


The term “Gateway Beer” is used a lot in the beer drinking circles. Some people call it their “epiphany beer”, for others it’s the “beer”, but for all it means the same thing. It is that beer that gives you that lightbulb moment where it all starts to make sense. That beer that opens the…

Wayward Brewing Co.


In the back lanes on the border of Camperdown and Annandale Wayward Brewing Co, like many of Sydney’s breweries sits in a spot that many of us have gone past a hundred times and never thought about what happens inside. Just off Pyrmont Bridge road the building’s exterior looks pretty nondescript. But once you turn…