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Will Travel for Beer

Will Travel for Beer

TOP 5 Hacks to tap into tourism markets and engage non-beer travellers

1.Work with credible Tourism Operators who understand the space

The beer and tourism industries work in different ways, have different objectives and speak different languages. Overcome these differences by engaging with tour and activity operators whose core business is tourism. Specialist tour operators like Dave’s bridge the gap between beer and tourism and can greater benefit a brewery or taproom’s marketing efforts by focusing on travellers and extended your reach into the travel market.

2. Be the official beer sponsor or supplier at non-beer events that are driving visitation to the area (sports events, music festivals, art events, seasonal festivals, etc.)

Breweries and tap rooms exist within communities and regions, each with their own schedule of events and activities that draw visitors. Breweries and taprooms can “tap” into these and drive brand awareness and engagement outside of their venues. Sponsorship and supply efforts at local events should be seen as an extension of the visitor experience aimed at encouraging venue visitation.

3. Optimize in-destination marketing for the tourism audience – Online listings such as Google My Business & TripAdvisor; SEO tied to your location; have a marketing presence at accommodation providers in your region

With a growing percentage of travel bookings being made in-destination on a mobile phone, being found online is becoming all the more important for breweries and taprooms wishing to attract visitors. Choosing which online platforms to be present on and optimising those presences is a vital part of rising up the page rankings and being found. Combined with traditional offline activates means breweries and taprooms are presenting themselves across as the spectrum of travellers to their region.

4. Understand your region’s approach to tourism and contribute to it

Cities, regions, states and countries have tourism bodies, each with their own strategy and approach to tapping into the visitor economy. Breweries and taprooms need to engage at the appropriate levels (usually defined by how a venue fits into and can contribute to the strategic tourism plan) and bring their voice to the discussions forming tourism agendas that effect them.

5. Create or be part of experiences that showcase your area – use food, nature, culture, achievement.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it.. Regardless of whether your brewery is located in a serene, country setting or a regions’ food bowl or a gentrified urban city-scape find the compelling, intriguing and unique attributes that make it special and tell the world why they need to be there and why your venue is the place to visit. There really is something for everyone when it comes to travel, so no matter where your brewery or taproom is, there is some way to harness your location and showcase it as part of a tourism experience.

If you have a brewery, taproom or venue and need support to get it tourism ready, or you want a tourism ready health check feel free to get in touch, we would love to help you tap into the tourism market.