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Festive Brews & Food Pairings


No self-respecting Aussie Christmas dinner is complete without a fridge full of cold beer, but with such a vast array out there on the market, which should you serve?

Well, that all depends on your menu of course. You may be familiar with the concept of pairing wines with food, but did you know beer and food pairing is also a ‘thing’? Read on for Dave’s personal tips on matching your brew with your banquet over the holiday period…

TraditIMG_9833ional Turkey Dinner:

If you’re going down the classic route this Christmas and prepping up a big fat juicy turkey complete with all the trimmings, then the Lord Nelson Old Admiral Dark Ale may be just the tipple for you. The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel is famed for its award-winning natural ales, and also just happens to be Australia’s oldest pub brewery (a nice little fact for any overseas guests you might be hosting). At 6.1% ABV, the Old Ale style is full of rich, malty notes alongside a hint of caramel. The hop bitterness balances out any sweetness, making it a perfect match for the hearty flavours of the roasted meats and gravy

IMG_9862Aussie Seafood BBQ:

When the weather’s on our side, nothing quite compares to an Aussie seafood barbie on Christmas Day. Pair your prawns with The Rocks Hangman Pale Ale, a refreshing hop driven ale that goes hand in hand with fish and seafood dishes. At 4.9% ABV, this one’s a classic Pale Ale with pine and citrus flavours that deliver with a sturdy bitterness. Beware – it’s deceivingly easy to drink!

IMG_9844And f
or afters…

If Christmas isn’t the perfect excuse to indulge your sweet tooth, then we don’t know what is! Us Aussies can put away a tasty mince pie or a boozy Christmas pudding with the best of ‘em, and there’s nothing better to wash it all down with than MacBatch Oak Aged Heavy Ale from Batch Brewing Company. A treacle style ale full of flavour, MacBatch’s high alcohol content (7.4% ABV) plays well with the sweetness of classic festive desserts, and the caramelised malts add a very pleasing richness.