Group Tours with Dave's - When you've got something special in mind for your tour

Charters, Private Tours & Special Requests

A few things to know about before you tell us what you’re looking to do:

We want everyone to have a good time and experience our local beer community. That includes not only you our guests, but our staff, the brewery staff and members of the public we come across every day whilst on tour. We want to ensure everyone is able to enjoy their tour in safety and comfort and we get to show you as much of our beer scene as possible.

That means our tours are NOT booze fuelled bus services. So if your preference is a pub crawl or your group would prefer not to experiment and experience a wide range of craft beers, then we are not for you. We would prefer to point you in the right direction up front and introduce you to some great companies who specialise in party buses and pub crawls so you get to enjoy your day out.

If you are keen to immerse yourself in our local beer scene, learn all about beer, brewing and those driving our awesome beer community and have a great time doing so, then we’re your best bet. So please get in touch.