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Tales of the Craft

37th Australian Dental Congress 2017 – Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre – Melbourne – Queensland (QLD) – Australia – 2017

The term Craft Beer gets bandied around a lot these days. But how many of us can hand on heart say we really know the story behind what it is, where it came from, and what has turned one of the oldest drinks in the world into a modern day cult phenomenon… Way back when,…

Rocks Brewing Company


If breweries were extensions of their owners and their brewers then the first steps inside Rocks Brewery and Bar in the heart of a gentrified industrial zone of Sydney would have you picturing the owners of Rocks Brewing Company as grand designers, studiously oiling the machine, busy exploring new horizons.  And you wouldn’t be far…

Batch Brewing Company


Watching Andrew sling a load of full kegs into the back of the brewery van I sit and think about his back and wonder if he would trade the challenges of building his brewery for the old days of marketing for a large brewer where it was less about moving actual beer than it was…