Beer Gear from Dave's - All the best gear for lovers of beer

You’ve got HOPS running through your veins

Malted BARLEY fuels your day and you can smell it on your skin.  YEAST is more than a single cell organism that gives life to bread, it colours your senses. WATER from your tap is “missing” flavour, has no mouthfeel but has so much potential… To be BEER..

Well you my friend are a true lover of beer and you need to celebrate your love.  Wear it proud, let everyone know you are a true beer fan.

Proclaim your lupulin threshold shift, let the world know of your hankering for biscuity malt and passion for fermentation with our beer gear.

There’s gear to wear and gear to serve your beer with.  It’s all perfect for your next beer adventure.

And now with our Hop Heart range, there’s no better way to declare your beer obsession.  They’re limited and won’t be around for long, so get them whilst they’re here.