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Sydney’s Best Pub Tours join forces

April 8th, 2018

by Dave Phillips


After years of friendly competition, two of Sydney’s leading walking tour operators Sydney Pub Tours and Dave’s Pub Walks are joining together.

Bringing more than three decades of tour operations experience together; the partnership sees Gary West from Sydney Pub Tours join Gregg Peek and Dave Phillips at Dave’s Travel and Events Group as co-owner of Dave’s Pub Tours.

With over 10,000 guests taken on tour between both operators, West and Peek have a clear aim of being the best Pub Tour Operator in the country.
“The ability to develop more tours and extend our range has been an absolute highlight of coming together” says Gregg Peek about the new partnership. “As a small tour operator, it is difficult to develop new product, even when you know what makes for great tours.  Joining with Gary brings a real ability to innovate our walking tours products with new elements whilst continuing to deliver the best tour experiences to our guests and venue partners.”

Sydney Pub Tours was formed by Gary West in 2012 and has continued to set the standard for pub waking tours in The Rocks for some time. Dave’s Pub Walks started its life as Peek Tours in 2010 under the sole ownership of Gregg Peek until 2015 when he joined forces with Dave from Dave’s Brewery Tours to form Dave’s Pub Walks.

The ability to grow both businesses and each owner was a central theme throughout discussions and planning. “A big part of what we do at Dave’s is about growing small businesses and enabling individual business owners through group effort, so I am pretty stoked to have Gary on board”, commented Dave Phillips about the announcement. “I have been watching Sydney Pub Tours grow since we started walking tours with Gregg in 2015 and had a gut feeling that at some point we would come together. Our objective is purely about strengthening tourism businesses through professional management, so our job now is providing Gary and Gregg the support they need and getting out of their way. They have some awesome new products in development and testing and one product in particular I can’t wait to see go live.”

Tapping into Sydney’s cultural culinary diversity, the team at Dave’s are already looking outside The Rocks to create a wide range of sensory tours and experiences that showcase the craftsmanship and flavours from local businesses and suppliers says Gary West. “Sydney is one of the most walkable cities in the world, and introducing people to places and venues they may otherwise miss, is something I’ve always loved. Two heads are better than one, so with The Rocks products firmly in place, we can now broaden our reach and start to showcase some of Sydney’s other great neighbourhoods, like Balmain, Surry Hills and Darlinghurst. And while we’re talking about it, Melbourne and Brisbane have some pretty awesome pubs too, so watch this space.”

After winning Gold for best tour operator at last year’s NSW Tourism Awards, the team at Dave’s has been looking at their other passions and decided to go beyond beer, breweries and pubs. With the guiding ethos of ‘local stories with local flavour’ you’ll just have to stayed tuned to see what great experiences we come up with next.