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Newie Pub Walks

December 14th, 2017

by Shannon Kearns



A walking tour in Newcastle? You’re kidding, right?

What’s the point of a walking tour? Newcastle isn’t that big and between TripAdvisor and Google Maps, it’s super easy to find the ‘best’ places in the city on your own. More so if you’re a local!

When originally creating the One for the Road pub walk, these are the questions I asked myself. I am born and raised Novocastrian. It’s a small town. If we didn’t deliver value for money, we’d last 5 minutes.


So what do we differentiate? Why should you part from your hard-earned cash money to walk to a pub?

Our Pub walk focuses on history, beer and food.  Our tours focus on the history of Australia’s second oldest city.  It’s convict settlement past, how and why came our city to be, the history of the our pubs, areas of interest as well how the city is moving forward from industrial past.

I have no doubt you have drank a beer or two before but how well do you know that beer? Do you know the different style of beer, can tell if a beer is out of date, what’s in beer? How is it made? My guides and I cover all of this on tour. We aim to for you to come away from our tour learning something new about the worlds favorite beverage.






Food. We’ve been fortunate to eat my though all of Australia’s capital cities and in Newcastle we have it pretty bloody good when it comes to food. On tour, we’ve taken the time to work with our venues and create custom, Tour only dishes matching beer and food. It’ s a great way to showcase how beer and food work together to enhance, contrast or cleanse.

Overall, the theme here is one of value for money. On top of all the beer food and history, our pub walks are a great way to meet fellow beer enthusiasts and enjoy a shared experience of exploring the great city of Newcastle.

We have two versions of our tour.

Our Pub Walks are part of a larger conglomerate of Dave’s Tours & Events but our pub walks are 100% a Newcastle product.

Anyone can go sit in a pub, we bring them to life. Come have a beer with us and experience Newcastle in a new light.

Check us out here: Dave’s One for the Road Pub Walk